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This document describes the main guidelines to follow by every member of the research group. HERE you can find guidelines for:

All this information is private to the group. You must be logged in to access it. To get an account send an e-mail to cruz AT with the following data:

  • Username that you want to deal on. The administrator will register your account and will send you an e-mail with your password (this password can be changed at any moment in My Preferences). Please, try to avoid usernames as “Jack Bauer” or “Bob Esponja”. The idea is to identify clearly who has edit/modify pages.
  • Name: First Name and Surname
  • Face Photo: good resolution, short size
  • Category: Professor, Researcher at Intel,Phd student, other(specify)
  • Short bio: in English. See examples here

IMPORTANT: Once the administrator gets ALL these information, he will create your account